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BYOBYB: Saturday Afternoon Open Thread

It's a rainy day here in southeastern Michigan (and elsewhere, perhaps), so maybe you'd like a place to chat about whatever's on your mind while we have a few hours before the Tigers and Twins take the field. (That is, if the rain lets up. But the forecast seems to indicate it will.)

  • Once again, we ask: How awesome is Alex Avila? Just merely awesome or totally awesome? If you'd like to gloat that you "had this one right" (because a lot of us had it wrong), this is the place for it.
  • I shouted down the Alex Rios talk in last night's overflow thread, because so many different people brought it up. (Seriously, I understand that 300-400 comments is a lot to scroll through if you're just checking in, but looking to see if something has already been discussed - more than once, mind you - isn't too much to ask, is it?) Anyway, it's a new day, so if you want to talk about it, here you go. Rios was claimed on waivers by a team, most likely the White Sox. Do the Sox want to add Rios to their team, or was this to block a possible claim by the Tigers?
  • John Smoltz looks like the best move the Tigers didn't make over the offseason, doesn't he? (This is probably going to be next week's poll question, by the way.)
  • I've seen at least a couple of people mention that the Tigers should look at picking up Jason Giambi, after he was released by the A's yesterday. Have these people watched much baseball this year?
  • Even though G.I. Joe looks like a total piece of crap, are you still going to see it? I might not be able to resist, against my better judgment. (Though Funny People will probably be today's movie choice at the BYB offices.)

The thread is now open to you, BYB Bunch. Bring in whatever you'd like. We'll see you later tonight (weather permitting).