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Morning Prowl: Guillen's Switch-Hitting, Porcello Watch, the Double Play Monster, and Crosby's Blister

Carlos Guillen has given up on switch-hitting for the year, according to Jason Beck. Batting right-handed is still uncomfortable for him, and Guillen is worried that if he pushes it, he could hurt that right shoulder again.

Sounds good here. No sense in taking a risk, since Guillen has been one of the Tigers' more dependable middle-of-the-order bats and is playing a decent left field.'s Jerry Crasnick looks at nine young starting pitchers whose workload will have to be closely monitored as they pitch more innings than they ever have before in a season. Of course, the Tigers' Rick Porcello is high on Crasnick's list (second, to be exact).

Ditching his curveball in favor of a slider appears to have made a huge difference in Porcello's game, and pitching coach Rick Knapp thinks Kid Rick is pitching better now than he was earlier in the season.

(via The Spot Starters, who lists the pitch counts from each of Porcello's starts this year)

Both The Detroit Tigers Weblog and Fire Jim Leyland take a look at Jeremy Bonderman's last two outings through Pitch F/X and are encouraged by the results. His velocity is improved, his release point is consistent, and he's pounding right-handed hitters inside.

Mack Avenue Tigers warns us not to compare 2009 to 2006. The two Tigers teams are quite different. However, Kurt wrote this column before the Tigers finished losing three straight in Kansas City. Coincidence or... jinx?

Eye of the Tigers tries to put together an all-time starting nine for the Detroit Tigers, picking from the best seasons at each position in team history. Definitely a fun exercise when you need a break from the pennant race grind.

Tigers Tracks favors moving Zach Miner during the offseason. I assume John felt that way before yesterday, but watching Miner give up three runs in one inning surely strengthened those beliefs.

Sci-fi and horror movies are really popular these days. Roar of the Tigers may have just created one starring the 2009 Detroit Tigers and the monster that's plagued them. Be warned: the image is terrifying!

Jim Leyland would like to see Dontrelle Willis pitch in the Florida Instructional League and winter ball this offseason. If I recall correctly, Willis opted not to play winter ball last year, in favor of working out on his own.

Casey Crosby's blister problems on his left index finger popped up again during the West Michigan Whitecaps' opening playoff loss to the Great Lakes Loons on Wednesday. Crosby left after 2.1 innings when the finger began to bother him and affect his velocity.

(via Take 75 North)

According to, FOX Sports Detroit's "Tigers Live" pregame show will talk to three of the team's draft picks tonight. Jacob Turner, Andrew Oliver, and Daniel Fields will be interviewed. The show, as you probably know, begins at 6:30 p.m. EST.

MLB Network is naming its production studios after Ernie Harwell, Vin Scully, and Mel Allen. Harwell called the honor "fantastic."