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BYOBYB: Friday Open Thread

It's Friday, so how about some BYOBYB? If you're new to these parts, it's the open thread where you can chat about whatever's on your mind, whether it's the Tigers, the AL Central, MLB, or something completely off-topic.

Here are some possible Tigers-related topics to bat around:

  • Has Jarrod Washburn pitched himself out of a possible postseason rotation for the Tigers?
  • Should Fernando Rodney have just served his three-game suspension in Kansas City?
  • For that matter, should a writer such as the St. Petersburg Times' Marc Topkin (who wrote a letter to MLB about Rodney's behavior) be able to essentially influence a pennant race? Or am I overstating this?
  • Here's a response to the situation from the Tampa Tribune's Marc Lancaster, by the way.
  • After a 3-3 road trip (that strangely played with our expectations), what are you looking for during this seven-game homestand? Is four wins enough? Or do you need more?

And with that, we'll see you later tonight. You still have pennant fever, right?