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Tigers Lose: Game 140 Thread of Shame

And now... this has become a problem. Four straight losses? Did that off-day on Monday kill their mojo?

It's been a streaky September for the Tigers, with six wins followed by four losses. And what makes this losing skid particularly troubling is that the pitching has suddenly become a problem. In these four losses, the Tigers have given up 23 runs.

Nate Robertson left the game in the fourth inning with a groin injury. No word yet on how serious that might be, but Jim Leyland said in his post-game comments that it looked pretty likely Robertson won't make his next start. Before that, however, he was having a pretty rough night, with five walks, six hits, and two runs allowed.

Full recap tomorrow. On the bright side, the Twins are getting crushed by the A's right now, so the Tigers won't lose any ground in the AL Central. There's your consolation prize.