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Game 142: Blue Jays at Tigers

Ricky Romero (12-7, 4.14) vs. Rick Porcello (12-8, 4.26), 1:05 p.m. EST

Normally, we'd be talking about the Tigers trying to salvage a win this afternoon, but since this is a four-game wraparound series, the home team still has a chance to even things up. But they'll have to break their five-game losing streak to do so.

Ricky Romero got the win in his last start, despite giving the Twins a 3-0 lead. He also allowed seven hits and three walks in less than seven innings. Facing the Tigers in his first major league start, Romero gave up two runs and seven hits over six innings. Interestingly, he hasn't lost to an AL Central team this year. He's 4-0. On the road, Romero is 4-3 with a 3.86 ERA in 11 starts.

After two outstanding starts in which he allowed three runs total, Rick Porcello tripped up in his last outing. His off-speed stuff wasn't moving very well and the Royals were able to hit the ball in the air because of that. Porcello ended up allowing four runs and seven hits in six innings. But Kid Rick has already developed into a much different pitcher than the one who faced Toronto (and gave up four runs and nine hits) in his first major league start.

It's another heavily right-handed lineup against the lefty Romero. Ryan Raburn leads off, while Curtis Granderson gets pushed down to seventh in the order. Grandy is the only left-handed hitter in the starting lineup. Marcus Thames is the designated hitter.