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Your Latest Fifth Starter: Eddie Bonine

Nate Robertson's groin is aching. (Or his pelvis is inflamed, if you'd prefer to put it that way.) Armando Galarraga's elbow is still sore. So who's going to be the Detroit Tigers' fifth starter? Hello, Eddie Bonine.

Bonine will now start for Detroit on Wednesday, in place of Galarraga (who was set to sub for Robertson). As the rotation and schedule stand now, he'll get three starts. Bonine should also pitch once in Cleveland, with his final start scheduled against the Twins in Detroit.

And if Robertson and/or Galarraga heal up before the regular season is finished and can pitch? They'll work out of the bullpen. Bonine's the guy, says Jim Leyland. And that's how it's going to be for the rest of the season.

From Lynn Henning's article in today's Detroit News:

"I'm not gonna keep changing. I can't wait on a daily basis any longer. I can't come (to the ballpark) not knowing who's gonna be able to pitch in two days."

One definite downside to these injuries, as The Detroit Tigers Weblog points out, is that it's now highly unlikely that anyone will be making a spot start to give one of the regular starters a rest. So no breather for Justin Verlander or Edwin Jackson as they each exceed or approach 200 innings, and no more rest for Rick Porcello, and hopefully Jarrod Washburn's sore left knee is feeling better.

Washburn, by the way, will start tomorrow night, though it's unclear as to whether or not his knee feels much better.

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