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Rodney's Suspension Cut to Two Games

The appeal paid off, after all. At least a little bit.

Fernando Rodney had his three-game suspension reduced to a two-game sentence after MLB heard his appeal today. The hearing was conducted over the phone. He'll serve the suspension beginning with tonight's game.

Rodney was penalized for throwing a ball into the stands (press box) after (barely) finishing off a save on September 4. He will also be fined $3,000, which didn't change with the appeal.

I was of the opinion that Rodney was better off serving the suspension during the three-game series in Kansas City, just to get it out of the way. I felt even more strongly about it when Rodney was used in non-save situations just to give him work, which seemed to throw the whole bullpen out of whack.

But obviously, he and the Tigers thought they had a case, and MLB agreed with that.

According to Jason Beck, Rodney will be allowed to work out with the team before the game and can throw bullpen sessions. But he's prohibited from the dugout and clubhouse once the game starts. Will FOX Sports Detroit's cameras be able to find him in one of Comerica Park's suites, if that's where he's hanging out tonight? teammates have.