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You Cannot Win If You Do Not Score: Twins 3, Tigers 0

Normally, we try to use these recaps to look closely at the preceding game. More often than not, we'll review key moments that influenced the final outcome. Maybe we'll analyze what a player did, or a strategic decision that was made.

And had this been written directly after the game, we'd probably do just that. But after a night of sleep and a relatively short turnaround before the Tigers and Twins go back at it, let's leave this to Jim Leyland. Because he summed up last night's result (and perhaps this entire season) in one post-game quote:

"It's time for the stars to shine down the stretch. It's going to take everybody contributing. You expect your big boys to step it up."

When asked a follow-up question about his batters' approach, he tersely replied, "You'll have to ask those guys." That was really the best response. What more can he say? This Tigers lineup has to shoulder their load, too. And after 147 games, how about accepting some accountability for this playoff effort?

Rick Porcello only gave up three runs last night. The rookie came to play in an important late-season game. Where were his teammates with their bats?

Yes, Brian Duensing has been fantastic for the Twins since joining their starting rotation. And last night continued that run of success. But this Tigers lineup has to win some games, too. It can't always be the pitching.


How about everyone who held a bat for the Detroit Tigers last night, except for Marcus Thames and Curtis Granderson? Those guys got two hits apiece. Everyone else combined for one. (Tip of the cap to Brandon Inge.)

One hit. Nothing from Placido Polanco. Zippo from Magglio Ordonez. Zilch from Miguel Cabrera. Nada.


Granderson got another hit off a left-hander. (He knocked one off Lenny DiNardo on Wednesday night, too.) And he got the lone Tigers hit off Joe Nathan in the ninth inning. Hey, that's something.

Comment of the Night:

I wonder if any teams have won a divsion with a negative run differential

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