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The Tigers' Rookie Hazing Costume Party

Okay, we could all use a laugh, right? Been a little tense in Tiger Town lately.

Rookie hazing is a rite of passage in all sports, but the ritual might be most interesting in baseball, due to the long road trips. With the Detroit Tigers leaving on Thursday for their last trip of the season, it was time for the rookies to pay some final dues.

As described by the Detroit News' Amelia Rayno on Twitter, those dues included some dress-up. And if you were watching any of FOX Sports Detroit's game telecast last night, you saw some photographic evidence of this.

Thankfully for us, our own allikazoo captured some screen shots and shared them with us in a FanPost. Click over there to see plenty more, but here's a taste of Alfredo Figaro taking us to the gun show, Wonder Woman-style:


Nothing is tougher than wearing a tiara, buddy. Don't let anyone tell you anything different.

Lynda Carter would be proud. (And now, I can scratch something else off my Tigers blogging bucket list by posting a link to a Lynda Carter Wonder Woman photo. Win!)