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Rick Roll: Tigers 4, Indians 2

It's far too early in Rick Porcello's major league career to suggest that he "owns" any team. But we should at least consider drawing up the paperwork on proprietary rights over the Cleveland Indians. In three starts against the Tribe this season, Kid Rick has allowed four runs in 20 innings. That's fewer runs than the Indians had errors tonight.

When they replay the highlights of this game on SportsTime Ohio, ESPN, or MLB Network, they should cue up the "Benny Hill Show" theme. Cleveland's infielders booted five balls tonight, two of which led to Detroit runs. The Tigers actually didn't generate much offense against Aaron Laffey, but they really didn't have to, thanks to the defensive miscues.

Three of those bobbles (and two on one play) were by Jhonny Peralta, who treated the baseball like the proverbial hot potato out of the oven. As we said in our post-game thread, Peralta committed more errors than Porcello allowed runs tonight. That's kind of astonishing.

After allowing a run in the first (on a two-out RBI single by Peralta, no less), Porcello cruised through six more innings, giving up just two hits. By the eighth, he'd thrown just 79 pitches and it looked like the rookie might be on his way to his first complete game. But that 81st pitch, a hanging slider that Travis Hafner launched nearly 20 rows past the right-field fence, was enough for Jim Leyland to call it a night for Kid Rick. Probably the right move in a tight ballgame.

But that shouldn't tarnish an impressive performance by Porcello. He's looked very good in his last two starts. And against the Indians, he now has a 1.80 ERA (if my calculations are correct). If he has to face the Tribe three weeks from now in Cleveland, did we just jinx him?


For the second straight night, the combination of Bobby Seay, Brandon Lyon, and Fernando Rodney didn't allow a run. And in five innings, they've only given up three hits, while striking out six batters and walking just one.

Magglio Ordonez, meanwhile, has hit 4-for-7 in the first two games of this series, including tonight's 3-for-4 showing.

Comment of the Night:

precious precious arm

to go with his precious face.

by allikazoo

Rod Allen should really get it, however, for his "He threw a sinker!" crack when FSD showed Kid Rick chucking Lyon's toy plane into the grass.