A BYB Meet-Up? Let the Planning Begin

There have been rumblings among the BYB Bunch for the past couple of months about organizing a meet-up at a Tigers game next season. And with the 2010 schedule released last week, planning for such a venture can begin. (That is, if people are really serious about this.)

VegasTigers got the ball rolling with this last week in a FanPost, suggesting we try for the Fourth of July weekend. Three-day holiday weekend, plenty of travel opportunities available (presumably), and the Seattle Mariners in town.

Another possibility is Memorial Day weekend (May 28-31), though maybe not quite as convenient in terms of vacation time and no school. The Oakland Athletics will be the visiting ballclub.

Obviously, there's much more planning that needs to be involved. And I understand it's pretty early to be thinking about this stuff. But maybe we can kind of take everyone's temperature on this right now, see what kind of interest there is, ask any questions that need to be asked, etc.

What I would like to emphasize, however, is that if this is going to happen, we'd need a pretty firm commitment up front. Buying a group block of tickets or putting down a deposit on a suite (depending on which way people prefer to go) is going to take some help. I realize some people might join in late or spontaneously, especially because this is months down the road, but people flaking out would cause a lot of problems and potentially have others eating some cash.

But we can worry more about that later. I should also say that I have no intention of planning this entire thing myself, so if anyone else is willing or interested in helping out, this might be a good time to raise your hand.

So what do you guys think? We have today's off-day to dip our toes in the water.

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