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Tigers Win! Game 150 Afterglow

Bobby Seay and Brandon Lyon (or "Seay-Lyon," as we like to call them) made the eighth inning far more interesting than Tigers fans would've preferred, giving up a couple of singles and a couple of walks. And we saw the return of the bases-loaded walk, which was one of the most frustrating aspects of the Tigers' pitching staff in mid-season.

But the Indians couldn't get the big hit when it counted, and Detroit takes the first game of a series they really need to win (if not sweep).

Did Edwin Jackson get all better in this start? That might have been the roughest seven shutout innings any pitcher has thrown in a while. But no runs... is no runs. And I ask again: Should Ryan Raburn be the full-time left fielder from here on out?

Full recap later on. But for now, enjoy the afterglow. And I'm sure this will be sort of a Twins-White Sox thread, as well.