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Game 151: Tigers at Indians

Rick Porcello (13-9, 4.42) vs. Justin Masterson (4-8, 4.49), 7:05 p.m. EST

Good pitching and timely hitting got the Tigers the first win in this series with the Indians, and now they've put together a modest two-game winning streak. Can they keep a good thing going tonight?

Justin Masterson hasn't done so well as a starting pitcher since joining the Tribe. But in his defense, he worked out of the bullpen for most of the season with the Red Sox. Masterson has won only one of his eight starts for Cleveland, though he's lost a couple of those due to poor run support. In his last start, the A's roughed him up for five runs in four innings. (And the four walks couldn't have helped.)

Masterson's first appearance for the Indians was against the Tigers, and he pitched three scoreless innings (with four strikeouts) in relief.

Rick Porcello pitched well enough to win his last start, holding the Twins to three runs over six innings. (Though he did give up eight hits.) But the Tigers couldn't score any runs for him (and when I say "any," I mean "none"), leading to a tough loss. (Even tougher, considering he had to wear a dress on his way to Minneapolis.) Right now, however, Kid Rick is one of the Tigers' most dependable starters. In his past two starts, he's allowed five runs in 12 innings.

And Porcello has been very good against the Tribe in his rookie season, getting their hitters to hit groundball after groundball. In three starts against the Indians, he's 2-0 with a 1.80 ERA.

Clete Thomas gets the start in right field tonight over Magglio Ordonez. He's also taking Maggs's #3 spot in the lineup. I can see some of you wringing your hands already.