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Afternoon Prowl: 1984 Anniversary, Nate's Extra Day, Podcast Roundtables, and Playoff Ticket Prices

Which 1984 Tigers will be at the 25th anniversary celebration of the World Series Champions? 24 members of the team will be there, including Sparky Anderson, Darrell Evans, Kirk Gibson, Guillermo Hernandez, Jack Morris, Lance Parrish, and Alan Trammell.

Fans will have an opportunities for Q&A and photos with the players. Gates at Comerica Park open at 5 p.m. The on-field ceremony will take place at 6:40 p.m.

To give Nate Robertson an extra day of rest, the Tigers are pushing him back from Friday to Saturday. Eddie Bonine - who's gotten plenty of rest, having not pitched since last Wednesday - will now get the starting nod on Friday. Bonine will oppose Freddy Garcia, while Robertson will pitch against Jake Peavy.

UPDATE (6:30 p.m.): According to's Scott Merkin, Peavy will start Friday and Garcia will pitch on Saturday. (via Jason Beck on Twitter)

I was a guest on the latest edition This Week in Detroit Tigers Baseball, joining Eye of the Tigers' J. Ellet Lambie, The Knee Jerks' Greg Eno, and host Joe Dexter to chat about last weekend's showdown with the Twins and this week's series against the Indians and White Sox.

Joe also talks to's Paul Wezner about Casey Crosby and the Tigers prospects that will be playing in the Arizona Fall League.

You can listen to or download the podcast from Motor City Bengals, and TWIDTB is also available on iTunes. Thanks to Joe for inviting me onto the show.

Before Edwin Jackson pitched seven shutout innings on Tuesday, Jon Paul Morosi was beginning to wonder if Nate Robertson would've been a better Game 2 starter in the playoffs for the Tigers. (Morosi also has a little bit more on whether or not Jackson was tipping his pitches.)

The Tigers' price hike for playoff tickets concerns Billfer at The Detroit Tigers Weblog. Season ticket holders, in particular, have to plunk down a serious chunk of change for their postseason package. But even for individual tickets, it's quite an increase. I know I paused before buying my ALDS tickets on Tuesday, only to remind myself that I haven't gotten to see any playoff baseball in person.

Brandon Inge's forearm tattoos figure prominently in a conversation with former teammate Kyle Farnsworth in a post at The Dugout. The post includes a photo taken by our own allikazoo, which... is causing a bit of a problem. How about some proper attribution for the photographer, Fanhouse?

If the Tigers decide they don't want Placido Polanco back next season, here's one Twins fan who would like to see him play second base for the home team at Target Field next year.

Curtis Granderson lists the pros and cons of playing at the Metrodome in his latest post for Big League Stew. Kind of makes you wonder if players appreciated playing indoors more than fans and media did. Though Grandy has plenty to dislike about that place, too.

I'm glad to see MLB opening a training academy in China, much like what we see throughout the Latin American countries. But my favorite thing about the AP story on this is the accompanying photo.

One more thing from the "Stew": The Cleveland Indians were the latest team to be featured in their "Walk Toward the Light" series. Will these three games with the Tigers push the Tribe a bit closer to that final resting place?

Rod Allen does a great job on FOX Sports Detroit's Tigers broadcasts without using a telestrator. Last night, Detroit4lyfe caught Allen showing us why it's probably good that he doesn't always have one. Though this was an entertaining moment during last night's game.