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Two Hits is Enough: White Sox 2, Tigers 0

The Detroit Tigers got a preview of what facing the Chicago White Sox could be like for the next three or four seasons. Unfortunately, the Tigers are very much dealing with right now, and trying to win the AL Central.

Jake Peavy looked much like the same pitcher who's been one of the best in the National League in recent years, overpowering Tigers batters with a blazing fastball and hard-breaking slider. Overall, Peavy pitched seven shutout innings with eight strikeouts.

The shame of it all is that Eddie Bonine pitched almost as well with less dominating stuff. Bonine pitched into the sixth inning without allowing a hit. But when he finally did give one up, it was a doozy. Bonine threw two change-ups in the same spot to Gordon Beckham, and Beckham didn't miss that second one, launching it into the left-field seats for a two-run homer.

That was all the offense the White Sox needed. Heck, it was all the offense they got. The White Sox only knocked out two hits against Tigers pitching tonight. Two hits. And it was enough to win.

But as well as Peavy pitched, the Tigers' offense also squandered a few scoring chances.

In the second, Detroit had runners on first and second with one out. But Peavy came back to strike out the next two batters. The Tigers had the same situation in the third, but Magglio Ordonez hit into a double play. Finally, in the sixth, they had two baserunners yet again, only to see Peavy strike out Miguel Cabrera and get Aubrey Huff to ground out to second.

Ultimately, it was a night Tigers fans are painfully familiar with. This time, however, it was due to a pitcher who's had the reputation of doing this for a while. And if Peavy keeps this up, he might be a factor in this playoff race, after all.


Cabrera fought Peavy hard in his first at-bat, battling through 10 pitches before walking. But in his other two at-bats, Peavy made him look rather silly. BigMig finished 0-for-3 with two strikeouts.

Brandon Inge also had a rough night, going 0-for-4 with three strikeouts.


Did you notice that the Tigers pitched all rookies tonight? Bonine (who still qualifies), followed by Ryan Perry, Fu-Te Ni, and Casey Fien. Again, they all combined to give up just two hits.

Comment of the Night:

So let me get this

my car was stolen. The Tigers lost. The Royals morphed back into the Royals. The Twins will not lose.

Tomorrow has to be better. Hopefully all on those fronts.

by rook34

And your runner-up, with visual aid.