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Ozzie Guillen Isn't [Expletive] Happy With His Team

You've probably heard by now that Ozzie Guillen went off on his team following last night's loss to the Tigers. (rook34 mentioned it in the afterglow thread.)

But what set the White Sox manager off wasn't blowing a 5-0 lead or allowing 12 unanswered runs (though he couldn't have been happy about that), but his players' preference to watch college football in the clubhouse, rather than stew about what just happened on the field.

If I could find a video clip of the tirade (or if I'd had my camera nearby while watching SportsCenter this morning), I'd post it. But since I don't, we'll have to settle for a blockquote.

Take it away, Ozzie (via Bruce Levine at

"If they think the season's over for them, yes," Guillen said. "If they think it's over for me, no. I want to make it clear: There's a bunch of [expletives] out there watching football games like a piece of [expletive] with no pride. By the way they [expletive] play, that's embarrassing. If you don't have pride about the way you play, get another job.

"I'm not in a pennant race, but at least I have some pride. When you get [to the clubhouse] and turn on a stupid-ass football game when those [expletive] football players don't give a [expletive] about you, that's embarrassing.

"We've got seven games [left]. They are going to pull their [expletive] together, period. I don't mind losing a game, but when you lose a game and you don't care about it, we are going to have a problem. To get your asses kicked like that and all of a sudden, you're watching football games? That's a bunch of [expletive]."

The funny part is that the White Sox usually play Guillen's post-game presser on the JumboTron in U.S. Cellular Field afterwards so that fans can watch. But as Ozzie kept spewing the profanities, the team cut the feed.

Will this have an affect on this afternoon's series finale? Might Ozzie's tirade push his team to get a series win? Or is this kicking a team that's already been beaten down by a disappointing season?

UPDATE: has the video up now. (Thanks to KJ for pointing this out in the comments.)

He's like a HBO sitcom! I love it.