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Tigers Lose: Game 155 Shame

I suppose the Gods of Sports Justice weren't going to allow both the Lions and the Tigers to win for Detroit on the same day. And really, the Lions beating the Redskins probably used up all the good juju in the bottle.

The White Sox took a 4-2 lead with a three-run sixth inning, but the game really got away from the Tigers in the eighth as Chicago tacked on another four runs. The big blow was a three-run homer by Carlos Quentin off Fernando Rodney. (You know what happens when he pitches in a non-save situation...)

So Detroit loses out on a chance to possibly gain a game on the Twins. (Minnesota is down 4-1 to the Royals heading into the ninth inning.) Only two games will separate the top two teams in the AL Central going into the biggest series of the season, a four-gamer beginning tomorrow at Comerica Park.

Tigers lose to the White Sox, 8-4. Full recap to come. But for now, there will be wallowing.