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1984 Once Again Roars in Detroit

"Think about this now. There will be four or five of these guys together again, maybe, but never all together again. I'm 75. I know I ain't going to make it."

-- Sparky Anderson

  • Tom Gage has probably seen better days as a beat writer, but he's been on a roll as a columnist lately. Apparently, it took Ernie Harwell and Sparky Anderson to get him back in touch with his inner writer.
  • At The Detroit Tigers Weblog, Bill noted that Sparky mentioned Mike Ilitch in his address to the crowd last night, and tries to determine exactly what is behind the apparent rift between these two men.
  • Here's a team photo of the 1984 team from last night's reunion, but this picture by the Detroit News' John Greilick captures the spirit of the night. (Before the game was postponed, of course.)
  • The Detroit Free Press also has a photo gallery of the occasion, as well.

I don't want to say anything to cast last night's festivities in a bad light, but here's a random thought: Whose idea was it to have this ceremony on September 28?

I realize it also could've rained in July or August too, but wasn't scheduling this for September taking more of a risk with weather? Maybe this was just the best day to get the most people together (Alan Trammell and Kirk Gibson have coaching duties with the Cubs and Diamondbacks, respectively, of course).

Personally, I was surprised at how I felt about seeing Lance Parrish again. (And I'd actually met Parrish before, when he was here in Ann Arbor to watch his son, David, play at Michigan.) I feel like I grew up as a baseball fan when he left as a free agent in 1987 to sign with the Phillies.

So out of curiosity (especially since we have some time to kill before the first game of today's doubleheader), which player from the 1984 team were you most excited about seeing last night? Did your own feelings surprise you? Or was there anything else about the evening (especially if you were in attendance) that sticks with you this morning?