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Morning Prowl: Washburn's Knee, Porcello's Piloting, Honoring Inge, and the Pink Backpack

Contrary to reports yesterday, Jarrod Washburn is fighting a sore left knee, not his right one. And in his mind, this is old news. But it raises the question as to which would be worse for a pitcher, the leg you plant on or the leg you push off from?

While we're talking about Washburn, StringTheory may have killed the whole "Safeco Field vs. Comerica Park" explanation with this comment. But here's more from Fire Jim Leyland.

I was a guest on the "This Week in Detroit Tigers Baseball" podcast to talk with host Joe Dexter about the latest developments with the team. Was I bit too harsh on Marcus Thames? Judge for yourself by downloading the podcast here or listen via streaming audio at Motor City Bengals.

You had to figure Samara would have something to add to the "Rick Porcello smashes Brandon Lyon's toy plane" moment that was shown on last night's FOX Sports Detroit telecast. (Okay, that's a slight exaggeration. Porcello just needs to work on his takeoffs.) You must click over to Roar of the Tigers to see the picture Sam created. Another classic.

At From the CoPa, rock n rye shares nine observations on this season. Some of them are in regards to more recent events (the Washburn and Huff acquistions), while others take a larger view (the Jurrjens-Renteria trade).

Yesterday, The University of Michigan's Mott Children's Hospital honored Brandon Inge and his wife, Shani, for all of their contributions to the facility and its patients. (My mother was a bit disappointed that yesterday was her regular day off at the hospital.)

Lynn Henning repeats his assertion that the Tigers could look into trading Curtis Granderson if they're convinced his struggles against left-handed pitching are a long-term issue. I'll believe it when I see it.

Jim Leyland said he would have a talk with Edwin Jackson about Tuesday night's game. Does Jackson need a rest as he gets close to 200 innings? Or did he just pitch differently with a big lead?

Will Magglio Ordonez be the key player for the Tigers during their pennant drive?'s Cliff Corcoran says yes. His key player for the Twins might make you wince.

(via The Cutoff Man)

Speaking of the Twins, if you'd like to relive Joe Nathan's improbable blown save to the White Sox yesterday, here is Twinkie Town's recap. Aaron Gleeman has a thought or two, as well.

If second baseman Mike Gosse was promoted from Single-A West Michigan to Triple-A Toledo, is that an indication that Scott Sizemore might be among the next wave of minor league call-ups to Detroit? (Thanks to MSU4LIF for posting this link in the comments and sending over an e-mail.)

By the way, did you register for playoff tickets at yesterday? The pennant race is on!

Fu-Te Ni is no longer the keeper of the bullpen's pink backpack. That honor has been passed over to Casey Fien, as he's now the reliever with the least major league experience.

I'm a bit late with this news, but if you haven't heard, Detroit's WDFN (1130-AM) is reviving local programming for the mid-day and afternoon drive-time hours. Just in time for the Tigers' pennant drive (and, of course, football season).

Here's Big Al's take on the news. I have to agree with him, in that it's not an overwhelming lineup (thought it's nice to Sean Baligian back). But it's something. And hey, maybe they'll invite local bloggers on the air.