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Not Exactly Breaking News: Washburn's Season Likely Over

The Detroit Tigers' playoff train kept moving long ago without Jarrod Washburn. (Has it really been only two weeks since he could only pitch one inning against the Royals?) And though he's unlikely to get back on (especially if the Tigers don't make the playoffs), Washburn is waiting at a station further down the route, and hopes to jump back on eventually.

Okay, enough with that metaphor.

Washburn, as you may or may not know, visited an orthopedic specialist over a week ago to get another look at his injured left knee. He decided not to have surgery (for now), opting instead for a rehab program that's supposed to strengthen the muscles around the knee. It's a four-to-six week regimen, but Washburn is already two weeks into the rehabilitation, according to Jason Beck.

Even in the best case scenario, however, Washburn wouldn't be available to pitch for at least another two weeks. And if the Tigers hold on and make the playoffs, they'd have to make it to the American League Championship Series before Washburn could possibly make a contribution. (If the division series goes the full five games, Game 5 would be two weeks from today.) And that's presuming he'd be ready to pitch.

Regardless of the rehab program's success, Washburn will almost surely require surgery on his knee after the season.

So more likely than not, the Tigers can write off any chances of their flashy trade deadline acquistion helping them out anymore. But we probably already knew that, didn't we?

You can leave your favorite Jarrod Washburn Tigers memories in the comments. Maybe someday, they'll make for a great "Always a Tiger" commercial.

We now return you to your pennant race.