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Tigers Win! Game 134 Afterglow Thread

Have you caught your breath yet? Heart rate slowed back down?

That might have been Fernando Rodney's most nerve-racking save of the season, almost blowing what was set to be a huge win for the Tigers. He allowed two runs, and the Rays had the game-winning run on second base.

Meanwhile, Jeff Niemann must be ready to kick something. He's pitched two straight great games against Detroit, and has nothing to show for each of those efforts. On the other side, Justin Verlander has gotten the runs when they counted most. Not getting a win tonight would've been a crying shame.

But Rodney got that final out, so there will be no lamenting. And with the Twins' 5-2 loss to Cleveland, the Tigers gain a game on their AL Central lead.

Full recap tomorrow. For now, enjoy the afterglow!