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BYOBYB: Off-Day Open Thread

So how are you feeling? What's on your mind?

The Detroit Tigers have a seven-game lead in the AL Central. They have 26 games remaining on the schedule. Is this the sweetest off-day Tiger Town has gotten to savor? (Enjoy it. It's also the second-to-last one of the season, with the last off-day two weeks from now.)

How about some "BYOBYB," the open thread where you can discuss anything you'd like? Possible topics to bat around:

  • Is Jim Leyland the American League Manager of the Year?
  • Where does Brandon Inge's grand slam vs. Tampa rank among your favorite moments of the season?
  • For the metro Detroiters among us: Which of the Sunday night sports shows do you watch? Last night, FOX2 Sportsworks led off with the Lions' final cuts and waiver pick-ups. On a weekend in which the Tigers swept a series at Tampa Bay, and both Michigan and Michigan State had impressive debuts in college football. I might be looking for a new sports show.
  • What are you doing for Labor Day? Cookout? Trip? Movie?

The rest of the afternoon belongs to you, BYB Bunch. Enjoy your Labor Day!