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Tigers Lose: Game 138 Thread of Shame

Boy, that was a slog, eh? (For a game that had a 1-0 score through 5 1/2 innings, it was dragging along.) Plus, we had some hiccups at SB Nation that were slowing things down, which made the GameThread a little bit frustrating at times. (Apologies for that; I think we got it all cleared up.)

Not a whole lot to be happy about, on the Tigers' side of things. Justin Verlander found himself in his third consecutive pitching duel, but came out on the losing end this time.

Robinson Tejada came into the game with a 13-inning scoreless streak, and tacked another six onto that tonight. He allowed only three hits while striking out eight Detroit batters in what was a pretty impressive performance.

Tigers lose to the Royals, 5-1. Full recap tomorrow. But for now, there will be wallowing. And the Tigers will try to salvage a win in an afternoon matinee.