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Tigers pitchers and catchers set for Feb. 19 workout

Spring training starts in February, right? Mid-February at that. So we know that much.

But I know I've spent some amount of time over the past few months trying to figure out exactly when the Tigers' pitchers and catchers will report to Lakeland, Fla., thus ending our long state nightmare of having no baseball. At least for a week, and then spring training becomes a bit boring unless you're there.

Anyway. put out a press release detailing the dates for all the teams. The headline has already told you the pertinent information for the Tigers, but here's a breakdown of some key dates to circle.

Feb. 19 -- Tigers pitchers and catchers have their first workout.

Feb. 23 -- Full squad workout

March 3 -- Annual exhibition game vs. Florida Southern

March 4 -- Grapefruit League opener vs. Toronto

(Hat tip to Allikazoo for sending me the release)