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Updated: Justin Verlander asks for $9.5 million in arbitration

The Tigers have apparently come to terms with every arbitration eligible player on the roster but one.

Justin Verlander has asked for $9.5 million for 2010, according to a list published by Fanhouse. The Tigers countered with an offer of $6.9 million. I really have little experience in speculating which offer would win out, but I will say that I wouldn't be surprised if the Tigers and Verlander agreed to one in the middle before the hearing.

The Tigers have come to an agreement with Bobby Seay for one year at $2.475 million,'s Jason Beck reports. This is a raise of more than a million above the $1.3 million he received last season.

There are no reports on what pitcher Zach Miner and catcher Gerald Laird have agreed to. Miner was paid about $440,000 in 2009, while Laird earned $2.8 million.

Updates will be provided as necessary.

Update 1: Miner received a raise to $950k, Beck tweets.

Update 2: Gerald Laird gets $3.95 Million, per