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What are your banned words or phrases?

Every year, Lake Superior State University in Sault Ste Marie releases its list of banned words and phrases. Quirky school that hunts for unicorns that it may be, Lake State has a point in its publicity stunt. Sometimes, there are just annoying buzzwords or overused phrases that you just want to thwack from existence. In 2010, the new additions are tweet, czar, friending, chillaxin', app and several others.

But it got me thinking. Are there any words or phrases that show up in baseball writing or speaking that really get under your skin? I know there are a few for me. I'll get you started with some of mine after the jump, but I hope you'll share your lists -- both baseball terms or phrases in general you'd like to seek and destroy.

Small sample size -- "So we can conclude he can't hit left handers. But be warned, the past 600 words I just wrote might not be true, because of the small sample size."

I think it's thrown around too easy. I'd rather the writer account for the sample size in their article by not sounding so sure of themselves or pretending what they're doing is so precise. But of course, if they didn't point out the sample size was small, someone would play a "gotcha" game in the comments with the phrase instead.

It irks me, OK?

Pull the trigger -- It's sports, not a shooting gallery. But every time a deal is suggested, someone wants to pull the trigger on it.

Hurler -- Just don't like it. Sounds like someone who had too much to drink the night before.

Must-win -- There are only a few must-win games. Tigers fans should never use this phrase again before the month of October. Game 163? Must win. Game 162? Must-win. Game 73? Not-so must-win.

He's a professional hitter -- Kind of obvious when we're watching a major league game, no?

Anything Hawk Harrelson says