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The Tigers' minor league affiliate in Oneonta may be moving

Oneonta Tigers
Oneonta Tigers

You hear a lot of talk about the Toledo Mudhens, the Erie Seawolves, the West Michigan Whitecaps and even the Lakeland Flying Tigers -- home to the coolest logo of the group.

What you don't hear about as much, however, is the Oneonta Tigers, Detroit's short-season affiliate in the New York-Penn League, where many college draftees begin their professional careers if they sign on the dotted line in time.

A report in The Daily Star today says Detroit's affiliate could be moving as soon as Friday. This has no bearing on player development, but I found it interesting.

Nearly a half-century of New York-Penn League baseball in Oneonta could end as early as Friday.

Speculation as to whether the Oneonta Tigers will stay for the 2010 season should end Friday as the NY-Penn will reveal which of its 14 teams will settle at Dodd Stadium in Norwich, Conn., during a 1 p.m. media conference at Norwich City Hall.

The reason for a possible move is simple economics, apparently. Oneonta finished last-place in attendance. Speculation is the new owner, who bought the team in 2008, would like to find a more viable location to move to. Oneonta, however, has had a team since 1966. It has been affiliated with the Detroit Tigers since 1999 and will be through at least the 2010 season.

The Daily Star report said the Detroit Tigers are just going to watch and wait to see where the team plays, as they have no ownership stake.

"All I can tell you is I'm aware the NY-Penn League has been engaged in some type of discussion in terms of the Norwich territory," said Dan Lunetta, Detroit's director of minor league operations. "I have nothing else to provide until I'm given more information."