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Remember June 2, 1990? Randy Johnson Probably Does

With Randy Johnson announcing his retirement today, how about looking back at a notable moment from his career that involved the Detroit Tigers? Where were you on June 2, 1990 when Johnson, in his third season, no-hit the Tigers in Seattle?

The Big Unit struck out eight batters and walked six. Here's the lineup that he faced. Check out some of these names:

1. Tony Phillips, 2B
2. Alan Trammell, SS
3. Gary Ward, LF
4. Cecil Fielder, 1B
5. Chet Lemon, RF
6. Mike Heath, C
7. Tracy Jones, DH
8. Ed Romero, 3B
9. Kenny Williams, CF

Yes, that Kenny Williams. Jeff Robinson was the opposing pitcher that day, pitching six innings and giving up only two runs on three hits (and six walks of his own). But what can you do when the other guy doesn't allow a hit? Johnson closed out the no-hitter by striking out Heath on four pitches.

Of course, The Big Unit went on to bigger and better things, such as 299 subsequent wins in another 19 years of a major league career, five Cy Young Awards, a World Series title, and one of baseball's most magnificent mullets.

Also, the world's bird population would've been at least one bird larger for a few years: