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So you think you hang out at BYB a lot?

Think you spend way too much time at this blog? Think again, unless you are Allikazoo, Baroque, SabreRoseTiger, Detroitchik or wepri31.

Those fine folks, joined by yours truly, are in the elite group who busted through 5,000 comments during the 2009 season, according to stats released by SB Nation recently.

You'll find the top ten list for commenters, as well as a few other statistics, after the jump, where you can ... well ... comment about it.

Most Active Commenters

User Count
allikazoo 9837
Baroque 8673
SabreRoseTiger 7664
Detroitchik 6228
Kurt Mensching 5956
wepri31 5053
NCDee 4792
Tagne13 4370
rook34 3858
demondeaconsbaseball 3783

Most FanPosts

User Count
Ian Casselberry 73
Michigan and Trumbull 25
BennieBladesFan 13
rook34 7
Boney 6
john.kmiecik 6
demondeaconsbaseball 6
NCDee 5
Kurt Mensching 5
allikazoo 5

Most FanShots

User Count
Ian Casselberry 94
allikazoo 22
SabreRoseTiger 20
Kurt Mensching 13
explosivo2k2 9
demondeaconsbaseball 7
KidRick48 5
StringTheory 4
john.kmiecik 4
Mike Rogers 3