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Report: Arizona wanted a Stephen Drew for Rick Porcello swap

Don't have much time this morning, but chew on this:

Arizona tried to interest the Tigers in trading Rick Porcello for Stephen Drew this summer, Fanhouse's Tom Krasovic reports. (via MLBTR)

The report says he was met with a firm "no." Remember the flap when Fox Sports' Jon Paul Morosi reported the Tigers may have been showcasing Porcello? They denied it, but this might be where that seed of information sprung from.

How do you feel about it? Drew is a shortstop with an .809 OPS, a .278 average and 15 home runs. Defensively, he is above average at the field's premium position. Porcello is a 21-year-old pitcher with a career ERA of 4.46 and xFIP of 4.56. Drew is eligible for free agency in 2013. Porcello, a few years later.

Me, I think you have to make the move to solve the shortstop problems. You gotta give up something to get something. Porcello, for all the talk and projections, is not the frontline starter many think he'll become. Maybe in a few years he does. But until then we're talking about potential. Drew immediately and cost effectively solves a major Tigers' problem for years to come.

Ian has similar thoughts at SB Nation Detroit, if you want a second opinion.