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Bless You Boys' new series: grading the players

This year, I thought we'd grade the players. This is something I haven't done before, or if I did do it I did so all in one post. I thought it would be better if we took things a little slower, looking at a new player each day and seeing where he succeeded and where he fell short.

Of course, this is going to be subjective. The grades will be my own, but it's going to be incomplete without you guys weighing in with your comments. I plan to look not just at this season, but what this season might indicate about 2011.

So who gets included? Twenty-one position players and 20 pitchers saw action, after all. Emphasis will be placed on players who competed the entire season or finished the year with the team, and who have a possible future in Detroit. What's that mean? We'll talk about outgoing Tigers Gerald Laird and Johnny Damon still. But I want to shy away from prospects like Andy Oliver or Danny Worth, as I prefer to leave that for our minor league guys. Don't expect me to talk too much about Dontrelle Willis or Adam Everett, either. They failed to complete the season in Detroit, so you can just pencil in "F" on your report cards.

I'm going to go through these, one a day during the weekdays, in the following schedule (sorry pitcher lovers, position players come first):

Oct 11 -- Alex Avila

Oct 12 -- Brennan Boesch

Oct 13 -- Miguel Cabrera

Oct 14 -- Johnny Damon

Oct 15 -- Brandon Inge

Oct 18 -- Carlos Guillen

Oct 19 -- Austin Jackson

Oct 20 -- Gerald Laird

Oct 21 -- Don Kelly

Oct 22 -- Magglio Ordonez

Oct 25 -- Jhonny Peralta

Oct 26 -- Ryan Raburn

Oct 27 -- Will Rhymes

Oct 28 -- Ramon Santiago

Oct 29 -- Scott Sizemore

Nov 1 -- Casper Wells

Nov 2 -- Jeremy Bonderman

Nov 3 -- Armando Galarraga

Nov 4 -- Rick Porcello

Nov 5 -- Max Scherzer

Nov 8 -- Justin Verlander

Nov 9 -- Phil Coke

Nov 10 -- Eddie Bonine

Nov 11 -- Ryan Perry

Nov 12 -- Brad Thomas

Nov 15 -- Robbie Weinhardt

Nov 16 -- Jose Valverde

And if I left off someone you'd really like to see graded we can add them at the end. Just let me know in the comments. I'll be putting this list on the left sidebar, by the way, so you can check back anytime throughout the offseason. Bonus: At some point I'll do a look at manager Jim Leyland, and you can expect an update to last year's feature at Mack Avenue Tigers looking at GM Dave Dombrowski.

So enjoy the series, and be sure to participate! Thanks!