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Tigers seek Adam Dunn-like player, Damon says

Johnny Damon would "love" to play for the New York Yankees. Who cares, right?

What we care about is the reason Damon gave for his not being on the Tigers' radar for offseason signings: They're looking for a player like Adam Dunn.

Quoted in the New York Post, Damon said:

"They told me they are looking for a prototypical type DH like Adam Dunn," Damon said. "They said they need that type of bat in the middle of order. I am a No. 1 or 2 guy, so . . ."

Now, did Damon come up with this Dunn thing on his own, or did the Tigers say or hint to him that Dunn is the target? I guess we won't really know.

We do know this: The Tigers are throwing indications Dunn is a possible target.

The Detroit News' Tom Gage reported on Twitter about a week ago:

Dave Dombrowski on next year: "Must get middle-of-the-order bat" - he would like it to be a left-handed hitter

Sure sounds a lot like Dunn to me. And let's face it: How many players like Adam Dunn are really available this offseason?

What do you make of it?

(Via MLB Trade Rumors)