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Magglio Ordonez "a good chance" of returning to Detroit

Magglio Ordonez, in a Spanish-language interview with Augusto Cárdenas of Diario Panorama, said that not only is his ankle feeling much close to normal, but also that he believes he has a good chance of returning to Detroit next season.

Bless You Boys commenter Patty Justice (DetroitChik) translated the story for us. Ordonez said of next year:

"I would like to stay in Detroit, obviously. I have my friends, my teammates, I know the organization and they have treated me wonderful. I believe I have a good chance to return to Detroit, but let’s wait and see what happens."

But all Ordonez knows for certain is that he'll play somewhere next year. He said he understands the team will not pick up the $15 million option, and he'll wait to see if they will offer arbitration. If that doesn't happen, he expects to receive some offers.

For my part, I believe the risk of Ordonez accepting arbitration is fairly high, because he could expect to receive more money through arbitration than he will receive on the open market. So I don't expect the Tigers would make the offer.

Ordonez's ankle injury has recovered well since he broke it while sliding into home plate on July 24.

"The bone is healed, there is zero pain and I am working on the muscles around the ankle and the movement is already good."

However, he added he is not yet putting weight directly on the ankle.

So like Ordonez, we'll take a wait-and-see approach. If the ankle heals and Ordonez is open to a deal that is fair to both him and the club, you could do a lot worse than bring back a fan favorite who can hit the ball. I think the Tigers will make an attempt to bring him back.

But ultimately, I think the question of whether Ordonez returns or not will be settled by what he and agent Scott Boras decide they're looking for in a deal.

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