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Morning Prowl: Alex Avila, Cody Ross and the Tigers' contact issues

It's been way too long since I did a Morning Prowl. I'm not really sure how I got out of the habit, but I'll try to get back into it. But a question for you readers: What are you looking for in these? Do you really want me to recap what the Detroit media are saying? Do you want me to look at issues beyond the Tigers? Etc. I just need to know how to write this so it's most useful for everyone. Thanks.

Tiger Tales: Contact Problems Killed Tigers on Road
Lee writes that the Tigers' struggles on the road were not just a one-year anomoly, but a continuation of a trend that began last year. What caused it? They appear to have a problem both making and preventing contact when playing on the road.

Motor City Bengals: Revisiting Alex Avila’s BABIP Situation
Matt Snyder looks closer at Alex Avila's batting average on balls in play, and how use of the BABIP stat predicted a change in the outcomes of Avila's at bats.

TigsTown: Player Capsule Alex Avila
Paul looks back at 2010 and shares his expectations for 2011 for Avila.

Freep: Ex-Tiger Cody Ross now a big hit with Giants
Cody Ross played on the historically bad 2003 Tigers team. Seven years later, he's on top of the world with his success in the NLCS with the Giants.

Detroit News: Adam Dunn, Rod Barajas, Pedro Feliciano would fill needs for Tigers
Tom Gage looks at some possible solutions to the Tigers' needs, as well as the history of the Tigers' moves in October.

DesigNate Robertson: Making The Grade: 2010 Tigers Position Players
Rogo grades the Tigers in his own Rogo kinda way.

Baseball Managers: Tactician or Clubhouse Leader?
John Sickels asks whether you'd prefer your team's manager to be good at the in-game stuff but average in the clubhouse, or excellent in the clubhouse but average in the in-game stuff. That question is a lot more difficult to answer than you first think, and I'm not quite sure where I stand.