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Detroit's possible interest in Victor Martinez, followup

Just wanted to follow-up a bit on the earlier report about the Tigers and Boston's Victor Martinez.

As we mentioned early this morning, Troy Renck of the Denver Post wrote on Twitter he heard the Tigers would make a strong push for Victor Martinez.

As's Jason Beck points out on his blog, you have to be careful how much you read into it. After all, it wasn't too long ago Johnny Damon mentioned the Tigers would like a guy like Adam Dunn. The big difference is, we don't even know what sources Renck was talking to, and the Tigers haven't even had a meeting discussing the major league team yet.

But also as Beck concludes, based on their needs you could see the Tigers at least making a run for Martinez.

It gives the Tigers some flexibility next year if Avila struggles, and it fills their DH needs while also leaving some games open there for other guys -- maybe Ryan Raburn, maybe Magglio Ordonez if he's re-signed. But then, with Ordonez coming off ankle surgery, there's plenty of question how much he can be counted on to play outfield next year ... But can they fit Martinez and Ordonez?

An interesting and valid question, indeed.

I haven't given a lot of thought to what combination of batters gives them the best bang for their buck. Expect those posts to come a little closer to free agency next month. Off the top of my head, I see the argument for Martinez but he wouldn't be the highest on my priority list.

I just hope the team makes it a priority to upgrade a pitching lineup that had the 12th ranked ERA in the American League out of 14 teams.