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Jhonny Peralta's option will be declined, but Tigers expected to sign him to 2-year deal

OK, a real quick one this morning:

Fox Sports' Jon Paul Morosi reported last night the Tigers will decline Jhonny Peralta's option for 2011, at a cost of $250k. He adds they are "expected to reach an agreement" with Peralta on a two-year deal worth "a little less" than the $11 .5 million guaranteed to Brandon Inge.

Morosi wrote:

Peralta's range at shortstop isn't what it was, but he performed capably on defense after arriving in a July trade with the Cleveland Indians. The Tigers are willing to accept something less than Gold Glove-caliber defense at shortstop in exchange for Peralta's run production; he totaled 81 RBIs in 148 games last year.'s Jason Beck confirmed the option will be declined, but added no deal with Peralta is imminent.

Here's a look back at Peralta's 2010 season, and much discussion whether it is wise to bring him back next year. The consensus I get: Some would not like to see Peralta at all, but most who would accept him back in 2011 would prefer it be a one-year deal.

One issue we haven't talked about much: A groundball/contact pitcher like Rick Porcello needs a strong defense in the infield to find the most success. Having a poor fielder at the infield's most important defensive position will likely cost Porcello. Hopefully Will Rhymes will end up playing second to help shore up the right side of the diamond, which already has an average-to-below-average fielder at first.

As I wrote in the piece, I have many reservations about whether a full season of Peralta will end as a positive experience for the Tigers, as I view him as a lighter version of Edgar Renteria based on his career-to-date. You might remember how disliked Renteria was by the end of his time in Detroit. Needless to say, I dislike a two-year deal.

(Via MLB Trade Rumors)