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Brandon Inge honored as Marvin Miller Man of the Year

Brandon Inge was named the Marvin Miller Man of the Year, as voted by the players. The award is given to the player whose on-field and off-field actions serve as an inspiration to others. This makes consecutive victories for the Tigers, as Curtis Granderson was honored with the award last season. Inge beat out Torii Hunter and Troy Tulowitzki, who were also nominated.

Inge is probably best known for his off-field work with the Mott Children's Hospital, which he pledges time and money to. Two seasons ago, you might remember Inge hitting a home run for a little kid named Tommy, who autographed his arm earlier in the day. wrote:

Inge had come through for another one of Mott's patients. To Tommy's family, it meant everything.

"I want to scream from the mountain tops what a stand-up, real, sincere individual Brandon Inge is because of the impact it's had on my son," Mike Schomaker said.

So it's certainly a well-deserved honor.