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Keep coming back to BYB all offseason long

As a blogger, I don't feel like you really want to know how the sausage is made. Giving you an exact set of stories planned or exact schedule of when they're going to run isn't necessarily useful for either of us.

That said, we're waking up on a Monday morning without any Tigers baseball to look forward to for the first time since March. I feel like it's my duty to bring a little sunshine into your day.

So I'm here to tell you we'll probably be pretty busy around these parts during the offseason. Not just because you never know when news will break. This week, we've got a season to look back on. Why didn't the team win the division? What went wrong? What went right? You could fill thousands of words per topic. And hey, just because the Tigers aren't playing doesn't mean baseball is over. There will be playoff gamethreads nightly.

Over the next two months, we've got plenty of players to review the seasons of. Our minor league writers have prospects to review, rankings to figure.

After the World Series, the MLB offseason officially gets underway. What are the chief needs for the Tigers this offseason? What are the challenges in filling them? And how about some detailed profiles on the possible targets? Who should be offered arbitration? Who shouldn't?

Then we've got Winter Meetings to prepare for.

In case you missed it, we've already had our first offseason tidbit from the front office.

As you can tell, it's going to be hopping around here. And that's just on the baseball side of things.

So be sure you're checking back to BYB daily. Like us on Facebook -- and please tell your friends to do so! -- follow us on Twitter, add us to your RSS feeds and stop back daily for discussion.

Like we said last night, without your participation, this site just wouldn't be the same. So thanks again for everything you do!

Now let's get back to talking baseball.