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BYB Fantasy Baseball League: Final results

I almost forgot I should close out the books on the Official BYB Fantasy Baseball League. When last we checked ... well, something was happening in the standings and someone was winning but I really don't recall anything about it.

So how did things turn out, you may ask?

Congratulations go out to String Theory for his victory, as he racked up 100.5 points.

ChrisDTX finished second with 89.5, and some ways later MLE Pouttre took third with 70.5

Yours truly came in fourth with 69, while Rock-n-Rye and Ohio Tigers tied for fifth with 67. David Tokarz was just two points behind in seventh.

Zappa, DetroitChik, Jordan VanderZwaag, Jeff Aupperle and Alli rounded out the rest of the results.

Hopefully everyone had a great time, and we'll look into running another league next year!