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Austin Jackson is ROY in our hearts, SB Nation's Awards voting

The BBWAA's awards are the ones that "count", but around here SB Nation awards have some weight too, for obvious reasons! Two writers from each SB Nation baseball blog had their say in voting for each of the typical categories; Rookie of the Year, Cy Young, and MVP for each league. As far as most BYB readers are concerned, the more deserving player won this time.

Austin Jackson won 11 first place votes to Neftali Feliz's 13, but overall, he got 96 and Feliz received 93. Third and fourth place went to Brian Matusz and Danny Valencia, respectively.

NL voting was also backwards as far as first and second place. Jason Heyward beat Buster Posey 133-116. Third and fourth went to Jaime Garcia and Starlin Castro.