The November Open Thread...

These things seemed to work last season in helping to pass the time, and even though this is the most exciting time of the offseason, we aren't watching baseball so it's boring. The trade talk gets a little old after a bit and my brain goes numb.

I haven't posted around here much lately and I pretty much missed every single gamethread, but I like you guys enough to want to stay somewhat in touch, so I'll break the ice here with a nice solid question...What is everybodies plans for Thanksgiving?

Personally I'll probably be working. Exciting I know, but can't pass up the holiday pay. If by some miracle I don't have to work I'll be chowing down at my cousins, probably playing in his recording studio, and basically just catching up with a lot of family members I haven't seen in a long time.

So have at it fellow BYBers. Mingle and stuff. Make sure to rec this to keep it at the top of the fanposts!

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