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Morning Prowl: Nick Cafardo, Peter Gammons on Tigers, more on Victor Martinez

While the Tigers sort out their strategy for the next two weeks leading up the MLB Winter Meetings, and while agent Scott Boras lets the markets percolate a bit for right fielders Jayson Werth and Magglio Ordonez, I thought we'd take it easy this Monday after Thanksgiving. So here's some links of interest from around the baseball world.

  • Boston Globe: Sox are playing a game different from Detroit’s
    Nick Cafardo looks at the Victor Martinez view from both Detroit's and Boston's, concluding the Tigers were willing to pay more because Martinez fit their needs and owner Mike Ilitch doesn't mind going the extra mile to try to win. Cafardo also includes this scouting gem:

    "Martinez is definitely a player who gives your offense a legitimate, consistent, middle-of-the-order hitter,’’ said a National League GM. "A legitimate .300 hitter with 20-plus homer power, three times over 100 RBIs, and he really rakes lefthanded pitching. "That was the strange thing about the Red Sox for me — that in a division where there are so many good lefthanded pitchers, Martinez hit them at a .400 clip [in 2010]. Big, big loss for the Red Sox.’’

  • Ilitch sets out to get Tigers to roar again
    Peter Gammons look at the ownership of Mike Ilitch. We're fortunate Ilitch finally figured out he owned a baseball team in 2004 and that he's not footloose and fancy free when it comes to spending.

  • Beck's Blog: Don't write V-Mart into fifth spot just yet
    We all assume Martinez will bat fifth, but the Tigers caution the offseason isn't over yet. They wouldn't mind if he batted third so long as they find a No. 5 batter before next March 31.

  • Motor City Bengals: Looking Back At Baseball America’s 2011 Projected Lineup
    Matt Snyder look back at hte projected 2011 lineup from Baseball America. It is interesting to see just how wrong they are. It's not their fault of course. It's just pointless to project four years into the future when in reality teams make acquisitions and players develop at different speeds.

  • MCB: The Detroit Tigers in Dollars & Cents: part 1
    MCB were plenty busy over the weekend. Chris Hannum tries to understand how baseball teams come to the economic decisions they make.

  • Inge, Guillen lead Tigers' charitable charge
    A nice story about Tigers giving back to the community.