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What gifts would you give the Tigers?

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'Tis the Season, so why don't we wind down on our analysis for a few days and try to have some fun? You always read those columns in the paper about what gifts the writer would give to sports figures or teams. ("For the University of Michigan, I'd give a defensive coordinator!") Let's do that with the Tigers.

This is where you come in. I'll get you started with a few of my own, and you'll quickly be thankful when I hand you the baton so you can add your own in the comments. I'll grab the best few throughout the day and add them to the front page.

So what gifts would I give the Tigers this holiday season?

  • For Will Rhymes, I'd give a booster seat. (har har).
  • For Jim Leyland, I'd give a copy of Lonely Planet: Venezuela.
  • For Paws, I'd give an extra case of antibacterial lotion. ... Brandon Inge might need one too after all that diving into the front row of the fans.
  • For Dave Dombrowski, I'd give a link to MLB Trade Rumors' available left-handed relievers.

OK I'm obviously awful at this. (And you wondered why it's so serious around here all the time!)

Please, bail me out by making some funny.

11 a.m. -- A few of the best so far:

Sean T. Johnson -- For Miguel Cabrera: “Double Side Quilted All Purpose Saddle Pad”
To make it more comfortable for Miguel when he carries the team on his back.

Keystone Tiger -- For Gene Lamont: A hand held sign that has STOP on one side and GO on the other side.

Reply by 77BestRookieClass Ever -- Maybe just a GO sign, with as many as we stranded last year we might as well have sent them.

Rock n' Rye -- For Ryan Raburn, some whiteout for whenever that pesky “Y” shows up in his name

Another update:

From FrisbeePilot -- For Phil Coke, a flowbee.