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Detroit Tigers at baseball's Winter Meetings: A look back at recent years

Even though it might feel like the MLB's winter meetings began yesterday, they don't officially kick off until Monday. Obviously if you're a Detroit Tigers fan, this time of year is like Christmas; GM Dave Dombrowski had made pretty exciting transactions nearly yearly. So to get us ready for it, I thought we'd start by taking a look back at what the Detroit Tigers have done at them during Dave Dombrowski's time as general manager.

2009: Surprise trade builds the future

  • Signed lefthander Brad Thomas to a one-year deal worth $1 million
  • Re-Signed shortstop Adam Everett, one yeear, $1.55 million
  • Acquired center fielder Austin Jackson, lefthander Phil Coke, lefthander Max Scherzer and lefthander Daniel Schlereth from Yankees and Diamondbacks for righthander Edwin Jackson and center fielder Curtis Granderson,

That was obviously a big trade for the Tigers. My initial reaction was "That's awesome!!" My secondary -- incorrect -- reaction was "This is awful!" I hated giving up Granderson, an all-star center fielder, for a guy who struck out too much and didn't have much power. Now I'm glad we did. I'll miss Grandy but I've become a huge fan of Austin Jackson, as have the rest of you I'm pretty sure. Scherzer and Coke have both proven they belong already. Schlereth has potential. And the TIgers saved some extra money to use for filling other holes.

2008: Some Small Moves Pay Off

  • Acquired catcher Gerald Laird from Rangers for pitchers Guillermo Moscoso and Carlos Melo.
  • Acquired Edwin Jackson for outfielder Matt Joyce
  • Signed shortstop Adam Everett, one year, $1 million
  • Rule 5 Draft: Selected lefthander Kyle Bloom from Pirates, lost catcher James Skelton to Diamondbacks

Both of these players contributed, Laird more in 2009 than in 2010. Jackson in 2009 and again in 2010 by being part of the 2010 trade. Jackson was so good in Detroit fans hated to see him go.

2007: The Big One

  • Acquired third baseman Miguel Cabrera and lefthander Dontrelle Willis from Marlins for lefthander Andrew Miller, center fielder Cameron Maybin, catcher Mike Rabelo and right handers Burke Badenhop, Eulogio De La Cruz and Dallas Trahern.
  • Acquired righthander Denny Bautista from Rockies for righthander Jose Capellen.
  • Acquired outfielder Freddy Guzman from Rangers for first baseman Chris Shelton.

Dombrowski isn't a guy who sits back and relaxes, is he? I don't have to tell you why the deal with the Marlins was a big one. But I will! We get to watch a future Hall of Famer bat nearly every day in our team's uniform, during his peak years. How great is that? The Marlins in return received a bunch of guys who didn't pan out and only have Burke Badenhop on their roster to show for it. The Tigers should really have left Dontrelle Willis in Florida, but we didn't know that at the time.

2006: The Boring One

  • Rule 5 Draft (sorta): Acquired pitcher Edward Campusano from the Brewers for cash considerations

The Tigers didn't really do anything. They already acquired Gary Sheffield earlier in the offseason and felt pretty good about things in 2007, so they mostly spent money on locking up their own players.

2005: The One That Made 2006 Magical

  • Signed lefthander Kenny Rogers for two years, $16 million
  • Signed righthander Todd Jones for two years, $11 million
  • Rule 5: Selected righthander Eddie Bonine from Padres in Triple-A portion

Kenny Rogers was a risky addition, as he was a hot-headed old guy. Turns out that's just what the Tigers needed in 2006 and the move was a sheer stroke of genius on Dombrowski's part. Jones may not have been the prettiest closere, but he got the job done. The two old guys on the pitching staff helped the Tigers to go to the World Series in 2006.

2004: The Empty One

Seriously, I don't think the Tigers did anything at all. And if they did it was insignificant. They signed Magglio Ordonez later in the offseason. But nothing at the meetings that I can find.

2003: The Attempted Recovery Stage

  • Signed outfielder Rondell White for two years, $6 million
  • Signed shortstop Fernando Vina for two years, $6 million

Yeah that Vina thing didn't turn out real well did it? White's addition helped make the next few years a bit more tolerable I guess. A month or so later they signed Pudge Rodriguez.

2002: The Wil Ledezma Year!

  • Rule 5 draft: Wil Ledezma acquired from Red Sox

Yeah. Well that's something right?

If I missed something, feel free to add it.