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Report: Red Sox targeting Magglio Ordonez

We never said the Tigers would be the only team interested in Magglio Ordonez -- and with good reason. He's been a solid batter most most of the past five years and, when his ankle is fully healed, figures to be again in 2011.

So it's not unexpected to learn the Boston Red Sox, who like the Tigers need a corner outfielder, are reported to be interested in Ordonez.

Tony Paul of the Detroit News writes:

As for the Red Sox, they look at Ordonez as a left fielder, according to CSNNE's Sean McAdam. They also might be interested in seeing him DH some, particularly against left-handers.
I saw a comment in one of the threads that this means Ordonez's price just got higher. That assumes it was going to be low in the first place, which it wasn't. Maybe $7-8 million goes up to the $10 million a year range, but it was going to do that anyway as soon as we saw the prices general managers were paying for players this offseason.