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Winter Meetings Day 3 afternoon report: Now the Rangers are interested in Magglio Ordonez

So those who were hoping for a nice easy re-addition of Magglio Ordonez to the Tigers' roster are probably getting a bit worried now. Not only are the Boston Red Sox checking in with him, now the Rangers are said to be thinking about him in terms of "Plan B" as well. This while Tigers GM Dave Dombrowski establishes his nonchalance about free-agent asking prices by looking in on second tier outfielders and pitchers. The fans are getting restless. Ah, the Winter Meetings!'s Rangers beat writer T.R. Sullivan writes that both Tampa pitcher Matt Garza and Ordonez are on Texas' radar. (via MLive)

Vladimir Guerrero is their first choice to be their DH in 2011, but only on a one-year deal. The Rangers spoke to his representatives again on Tuesday at the Winter Meetings, but also look at other alternatives like Magglio Ordonez and Hideki Matsui.

Meanwhile Rangers GM Jon Daniels aptly summed up the four-day extraganza of rumors and innuendo:

"We're looking at a number of different things," general manager Jon Daniels said. "Otherwise we'd be sitting around watching TV full-time."

So what else is up out there?

  • The Tigers haven't been linked to a darn thing new, but Dombrowski probably isn't watching television either so that doesn't mean they're inactive. He just does a lot better of keeping his cards hidden than most.
  • From the Dream The Impossible Dream Department comes the news Zack Greinke is available for A.L. Central teams to trade for but only if it's a move that makes both clubs happy. Fortunately the Royals have a track record of being an organization that is easy to please.
  • "Pauly" Konerko signed a three-year, $37.5 million deal with the White Sox, which "tapped" them out according to Sox GM Kenny Williams. Given that they also recently added Adam Dunn, they'll have to play one of their DHs in the field and the Tigers could realllly use some additional left-handed pitching.
  • One team was eliminated from the Cliff Lee Sweepstakes, and it wasn't the Rangers. That really doesn't tell us anything at all but that's the Winter Meetings in a nutshell, hey?
  • And finally, former Mud Hens pitcher Scot Drucker reports on Twitter: "Drucker wants an IPad and a box of double bubble to complete his free agent deal" sources say." How did this guy not get any social media votes from DIBS?