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Ernie Harwell to receive lifetime achievement award

Can't let this get loss in the shuffle of the latest Johnny Damon rumors:

Much-beloved former Tigers announcer Ernie Harwell will receive the Vin Scully Lifetime Achievement Award in Sports Broadcasting.

The AP reports:

The Scully award is named for the longtime Dodgers broadcaster, who won the Frick Award in 1982. Scully helped form Fordham’s radio station WFUV, which is the award’s sponsor, and joined the Dodgers broadcast crew in 1950.

I will echo Craig Calcaterra's thoughts at HardBallTalk: The award for lifetime achievement could just as easily have been named after Harwell if his alma mater had thought of it first. Scully and Harwell are both on the Mount Rushmore of announcing. It's kind of shocking that Harwell hasn't already received the award, really. And it's sad that it's coming so close to the end of Harwell's life.

But Ernie wouldn't dwell on such minutiae and neither should we.

A much-deserved award for an announcing great.