Seriously, the apology just makes it worse

This article in the News recounts an apology made to Jimmy Leyland by one Mr. Randy Marsh, about a certain pitch in a certain game that I'd rather not think about, given the chance to ignore its outcome.

But this article, it's just throwing it in my face, and your faces, too, the fact that the ump who failed to make the right call in a tremendously pivotal moment of what would turn out to be the ultimate game of the Tigers season knew that he had screwed up so badly, he felt moved to call the manager of the team he had so royally screwed over, and apologize.

And one might think that hearing of this apology might make a fan of said team just a little bit less pissed off, that, wow, this guy was man enough to admit a mistake, we should cut him some slack. But no, one would be wrong to think that. Because, frankly, this apology wasn't made to you or me, it was made to Leyland, and if the writer's notion about how Marsh might feel at its disclosure is correct, then there was no intent for the apology to go beyond a guy that Marsh would have to deal with throughout the season. The rest of the people affected by the horrible travesty? Who cares? What are we to him?

I'm ranting, and maybe this isn't making much sense, but Randy Marsh apologizing for blowing the call on the Brandon Inge 12th inning of game 163 HBP that wasn't, the obvious foul we all saw and agonized over, ultimately for naught, that's pissing me off. As if I haven't got enough other crap sending the blood pressure through the roof, now I have to ponder the possibility of what the Tigers might have done with a one run lead in the top of the 12th, with the bases still loaded, and with only one man down in the frame. You'd think Minnesota would have to pitch to Laird differently...or maybe Leyland sends Avila out there with an extra out to play with, who knows? Maybe with a lead, Fernando Rodney doesn't get sent out for a 4th frame, who knows? Maybe, with....

I told myself I wouldn't do this, that I wouldn't play this game...but (fill in your choice of expletive here, because I'm thinking all of 'em, including some in different languages), this 'apology', this admission that they screwed up, enough that an umpire felt that he actually had to call up a manager and unburden his guilty conscience, I can't help but think, "what if..."

Freakin' Randy freakin' Marsh. I hope he catches many multiple foul tips squarely in the mask this year...and then some.

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