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Johnny Damon Watch 2010: Still not a Tiger

It's been -- what? -- 48 hours since we last heard an update on where Johnny Damon and the Tigers stand in negotiations which will eventually lead to the left-handed outfielder wearing an Old English D this season.

Fortunately, Jon Paul Morosi of is here to update us that ... nothing new is really happening. Maybe.

Nothing is imminent, but:

There is now only a "very small" difference of opinion between the Tigers and Johnny Damon as to what the outfielder’s salary should be, one major league source said Monday.


The source downplayed the chances of a one-year deal with a player option for 2011 — similar to the contract that Adrian Beltre, another Scott Boras client, signed with the Red Sox.

Like I said, I'm convinced he's a Tiger eventually, given we haven't heard of any other teams offering anything remotely the same financial terms.

And hey, he does eat octopi. No word on whether he throws it.

Johnny Damon Watch 2010 continues!