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Evening Prowl: Damon is wishy-washy, Willis is 'terrible,' Coke is starter-candidate

With spring training camp opening soon, the amount of stories to track has increased several-fold. Here's what you may have missed.

  • Dontrelle Willis: 'The issue is, I'm terrible'. -- Tigers' fans: 'We noticed two seasons ago.' I considered a full post on Willis, but truth be told, this is a broken record matched only by Damon Watch 2010. There's really nothing to say. He knows he's terrible. We know he's terrible. Whatever.
  • Beck's Blog: Coke could still end up a starter -- Reason #431 why you can't really take anything the Tigers tell the media too seriously. GM Dave Dombrowski thought Coke could be a starter. Manager Jim Leyland said he doesn't have enough spring training innings to see, so Coke is a reliever. Dombrowski agreed, Coke is a reliever. Now, Coke says he was told he might be a starter. Holy geez, these guys are fickle. In short: if Coke can start and eat innings effectively, it's a pretty good use of his talents and makes the offseason trade look much better.
  • Speaking of wishy-washy ...
  • Jon Heyman says Mrs. Damon prefers Chicago to Detroit, but Johnny insists he wears the pants in the family. -- But if he chooses Chicago over Detroit despite a much larger offer from the Tigers, the evidence speaks for itself.
  • Wait for it ... wait for it ...